Patient satisfaction with point-of-care laboratory testing high

Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have found a high level of patient satisfaction with on-site point-of-care laboratory testing (POCT) in a primary care setting. They presented their findings at ASCP, held in September in Chicago.

 They implemented POCT hemoglobin A1c,lipid panel, and comprehensive metabolic panel in a primary care practice and monitored patient satisfaction with on-site testing using an anonymous survey. A total of 97 surveys (65% response rate) were reviewed. On a scale of 1 (poor) to 4 (excellent) the mean response to the question “Compared with your past experiences of physician office visits that did not have on-site testing please rank your overall level of satisfaction with today’s office visit.” The response was 3.96. In 34 surveys a free text comment was included; comments were uniformly very positive.