Microperimetry assessment of retinal sensitivity in patients with diabetic macular edema in the Da Vinci Study

   Researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore compared retinal sensitivity after intravitreal aflibercept injection (IAI) and laser photocoagulation.

    Retinal sensitivity was assessed by microperimetry in a subset of 43 patients randomized to laser or IAI, 0.5-mg or 2-mg regimens. Following data analysis, the mean change from baseline in visual acuity in the pooled IAI groups vs laser was 11.5 vs -1.3 letters (P <0.0001) at week 52 in the total cohort. In the microperimetry study, mean changes in retinal sensitivity from baseline were IAI, 2.0 dB (P < 0.001) and laser, -0.8 dB (P=0.50). 

   The researchers concluded that IAI-treated patients had improved retinal sensitivity in an exploratory study of diabetic macular edema patients.