Miscarriage associated with increased atherosclerosis risk

   A history of miscarriage puts women at a higher risk for atherosclerotic disease, according to a study by researchers at Statens Serum Institute, Copenhagen South, Denmark.

   They reviewed follow-up health information on more than one million Danish women to study a potential association between miscarriage and heart attack, stroke, or renovascular hypertension. Compared with women who had no miscarriages, women who had one were at 11% greater risk for heart attack. If they had four or more miscarriages, their risk more than doubled.

   Women with one miscarriage were 13% more likely to have a stroke, with an 89% increase in risk after four or more miscarriages. The risk of renovascular hypertension rose 15% in women who had a history of one miscarriage and nearly four-fold if they had four or more miscarriages. The investigators also found that each additional miscarriage a woman had translated to a 9% increased risk of heart attack and a 13% increase in stroke risk.

   The Danish researchers concluded that their findings are "suggestive of shared aetiology in atherosclerosis and miscarriage, or possible pathological processes initiated by a miscarriage and leading to atherosclerosis."