Measures of asthma control increased in hyperlipidemic subjects with asthma

Statin therapy increases measures of asthma control in hyperlipidemic subjects with asthma, according to researchers at Kaiser Permanente Medical Group and other institutions in San Diego, California.

From a total of 117,922 asthmatic patients >18 years of age in their database, researchers identified 51,123 with a comorbid diagnosis of hyperlipidemia. They performed a case control analysis using cases defined by short-acting beta agonist canister dispensing >6 (SABA> 6), history of emergency department visits or hospitalizations (EDHO), or corticosteroid dispensing (CCS).

Hyperlipidemic asthmatic subjects were categorized by prescriptions for statins or non-statins. Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, reflux, BMI, gender, and race/ethnicity were analyzed as covariates. The researchers used univariate (UV) and multivariate (MV) analyses to generate odds ratios (OR) and confidence intervals (CI) .

Following data analysis, the use of statins in hyperlipidemic persons with asthma was associated with an increased risk of SABA>6 (UV OR 1.34, MV OR 1.22); EDHO (UV OR 1.29, MV OR 1.03); and CSS (UV OR 1.20, MV OR 1.17).